Athletic Meal Plan, 4-6 oz. protein

Athletic Meal Plan, 4-6 oz. protein

Ready every Tuesday and Friday!
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Meals are created using your current meal plan. Don't have one, that's okay too.  We work with a nutrition consultant that can create one for you.  From here, Paleo Num Yums strictly cooks your meals and are individually weighed and portioned for you.  We will be in contact each week to update your meal plan if there have been any changes, if so, those changes will reflect your next weeks meal prep to optimize your performance.  Pricing is determined by your protein amount. We plan for a variety of meats each week, usually 3-4 different types.  We also have several complex carbs in the rotation as well as 2-3 different veggies! Please contact us to schedule a meeting or to discuss options, 706-726-9558.  It will be the best thing you could ever do for yourself.  

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