Meal prepping is so beneficial, but can also be time consuming.  Many people are confused about where to start, what is proper nutrition, or even when to eat the right foods at the right times.  Taking charge of your nutrition and being educated on food is the best thing you could do for yourself.  Don't do it alone. 
Let Paleo Num Yums and the Lifestyle Coach, Stephanie, be your power team.  Results are at your pace, and can happen! Contact us today to set up your appointment. 

Our experience with Onnie and Paleo Num Yums has been nothing short of AMAZING! Onnie helped us realize how easy it is to effectively meal prep and was always just a phone call away to answer any questions or concerns. She taught us that just because something is healthy, doesn’t mean it can’t taste DELICIOUS! Her recipes have always been new, innovative and FRESH! Not to mention, the amount of time we save by ordering from Onnie has made our busy lives much easier. We just can’t say enough GREAT things about Onnie and Paleo Num Yums!

- Kurt M.

Tonight was our first time trying! And everything from the ordering, pick up to heating instructions was so easy!! Mexican spice pork chop with pineapple salsa was a HUGE hit!! Thank you Onnie for providing this service! Can't wait till next weeks pick up

- Kaitlin I.

I feel so lucky to have this service available to us in the Augusta area! Not even Seattle had anything as amazing as this! The portions are very generous and the food is SO delicious! Oh, and the buffalo ranch chicken is to die for!!

- Tiana W.

Paleo Num Yums has been helping me with my nutrition goals for several years now. With a sometimes near impossible schedule, I am able to eat healthy food thanks to Onnie & staff! I am so thankful for the personal attention that I get from Onnie & Emily with making the athletic meal plan work for me!

- Marsha H.

Meals from Paleo Num Yums could not work out any better for my family. I order meals every week for my parents who are in their upper 70's. They had gotten to a point where they weren't cooking often and a cheap burger & fries or a frozen meal had become their so called nourishment. I stumbled across Paleo Num Yums and decided to give it a try... hoping to add better nutrition and freshness to their diet. Every meal we have ordered has been FABULOUS. Clear labels with simple instructions make it easy for them to have a delicious meal. We get the family dinner which either gives them a great meal with some leftovers or a great meal for some of the extended family members to drop in for a great meal and family time (and usually there are still leftovers).

- Dawn J.

We have been eating Paleo Num Yums for three weeks now; four, six-serving dinners per week. All of the meals have been good and portions are well balanced. This allows my wife and I to have the left overs for lunch most days. Tonight we had the Tex-Mex Casserole it was was DELICIOUS 😋. I had to stop myself from eating all of it. The combination of spices and quality ingredients were evident from the first bite. If anyone is on the fence about trying out the Paleo Num Yums menu, jump off and take a chance on the Tex-Mex it is a great place to start.

- Andrew S.