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Eating for the Holidays

The initial feel for the holidays is one of parties, family, and festivities around every corner. The deep, dark truth of holidays, though, is one of struggle. For starters, there are many that are without family and depression is a real thing. Watching others celebrate and gather with family from near and far, bring to others the harsh reality that they may be alone. The other side is that many have tried, and possible yo-yo’d all year with their “diets” (ugh, that word…) and are hit with holiday foods at every turn. So let’s do better. Let’s learn how to cope with this and not slide backwards! The reason I don’t like the “d” word (diet) is because it signifies...

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When You Hit A Plataeu

Ugh, what a depressing topic. But it so important to understand what this means. This means you are making progress!! I know this sounds like an oxymoron, but hear me out. First, a plateau is when you have stopped making gains. You may have lost some weight, or put on some muscle, but now everything seems to be at a standstill. I can’t stress how important it is to realize this is just a speed bump. For many reasons, your body has become immune or bored with your current food and/or workout schedule. I relate this to having babies: you finally get your new baby on a schedule, you can differentiate what their different cries mean, and then….EVERYTHING CHANGES and...

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How Eat Paleo...And Like It!

I have talked before about not making things complicated. I have also talked before about treating your “diet” change as a LIFESTYLE change. Remember, this is your party, so do what works for you. Let’s start with why I don’t like the word “diet”.

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What Is Paleo Num Yums?

In short, we are a meal prep company, but we didn’t stop there. When I started, my idea was that I would cook for friends and make a little extra money to help cover our food bill. At that time, I was really taking a look at the foods I was eating, and making better choices.

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Paleo Sweets

 It is only natural that my next blog after “What is Paleo” would be Paleo Sweets. When faced with any lifestyle change, the first thing that causes anxiety in people is….WHAT ABOUT MY SWEET TOOTH?! Or something of the sorts. While I am going to give you some much healthier options, this next sentence will be hard to read.

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