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No time is better than right now to set intentions for the new year. Since you didn't get here overnight, it is a journey to set your lifestyle on a healthier path, and this means it takes time and patience to re-teach some unhealthy habits you have picked up. I have some great solutions for you!  There is no cookie cutter plan, instead, we create a plan that is right for you. As a functional nutrition coach and sexual wellness coach, I look at the entire picture of what makes you...YOU! That's where we focus, and if you need all the help to start, that's an option. 

What I offer:

👋Accountability through email and a private Facebook page

📖Recipes, meal plans, and several options to help teach you the right way to eat REAL food....regardless if you are keto, building muscle, intermittent fasting, or vegan. 

🎯Workouts that you can incorporate into your life REGARDLESS of your current activity level

You do NOT have to be local to have me coach you, nor do you have to get your meals from PNY....we teach you to do it for you!

The Full Package

Onnie Sanford

I realized the importance of food when I made changes to my own lifestyle, which is how Paleo Num Yums was founded! I created a meal prep company to help people with the frustration that comes from trying to eat healthy, feel better, and lose weight. I take a very functional approach to nutrition in that food can fix almost all ailments and illnesses, and while I would not consider myself a holistic practitioner, I do put focus on the mind for health and wellness healing. Over the last several years, I have found that many people that I talk to know very little about their own body’s function. Being healthy encompasses not only nutrition, but mental, sexual and hormonal health. I hold my Bachelors of Nursing Science, my Women’s Sexual Health coaching certification, and am currently studying for my Functional Nutrition and Health Coaching certification.

Contact me today for a free consultation so we can create you the perfect plan! 706-690-4757