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Working with a Lifestyle Coach can give you the structure needed to maintain your diet and achieve your goals. At Paleo Num Yums we work with Lifestyle Coaches and their customers to ensure that customers become educated on nutrition or to reach specific nutritional goals. If you are unsure of whether you could benefit from a Lifestyle Coach, email us or come by our Martinez location and we would be happy to answer your questions.

Some of our trusted Lifestyle coaches are listed below:

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Onnie Sanford

I realized the importance of food when I made changes to my own lifestyle, which is how Paleo Num Yums was founded! I created a meal prep company to help people with the frustration that comes from trying to eat healthy, feel better, and lose weight. I take a very functional approach to nutrition in that food can fix almost all ailments and illnesses, and while I would not consider myself a holistic practitioner, I do put focus on the mind for health and wellness healing. Over the last several years, I have found that many people that I talk to know very little about their own body’s function. Being healthy encompasses not only nutrition, but mental, sexual and hormonal health. I hold my Bachelors of Nursing Science and am currently studying for my Functional Nutrition and Health Coaching certification, as well as my Women’s Sexual Health coaching certification.

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Dwayne Sanford

I have a typical journey with being healthy and active. My career as a firefighter since 2002 has required me to keep my health at the forefront. As I got into my 30’s and hit a lifetime high in weight, I realized that I needed to educate myself on what it truly takes to stay healthy. My wife and I found a nutritionist that took the time to teach us the value of food. Unfortunately, there is no secret other that hard work and consistency. Through this journey I have continually challenged myself with ½ marathons, mud runs, and CrossFit. I truly enjoy overcoming the perceived barriers of fitness and nutrition and finding out what my true capacity is. Through it all I have learned that our bodies need to be fueled in order to perform. There is nothing the body can’t do if the mind is willing, and the body is fueled.

My goal in coaching is to help my clients overcome the physical, mental, and emotional barriers that are holding them from realizing their full potential. Through the years of experience, and my own personal journey, I have acquired a plethora of tools to assist and break through perceived walls. We, as a team, will discover the best path for your nutritional and exercise needs. Coaching, whether nutritional or physical, is flexible and can accommodate many schedules. Contact me today to schedule your consultation!


Firefighter I/II
CrossFit L1
ACE Personal Trainer

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Ward Reckart

Ward is a nutrition coach at Fit Augusta. He holds a BS in Sports Nutrition and an MS in Clinical Exercise Physiology. Ward also has CrossFit Level 2 certification, a USA Weightlifting Level 1, and a Basic Life Support Instructor. He found CrossFit in 2009 and hasn’t looked back since. In addition to coaching, Ward is also an Adjunct faculty member for the Department of Exercise and Sports Science at USA Aiken in Aiken, SC. He loves coaching athletes at all levels and loves to see the progress and success of those he coaches.

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Rota Krape

After completing Nursing school in Boston, I joined the Air Force and stayed on active duty for 3 years. I have worked for the DOD (in Japan), and have had managerial as well as administrative positions around the country. Most of my career has been spent in the critical care arena.

While at a pulmonary medicine conference, I attended a seminar where health care providers were talking about preventing diseases. That seminar changed my entire view of medicine and what health care should look like.

Since that conference, I have studied at University of Arizona to learn integrative medicine and environmental medicine. Having access to all the scientific literature (and not just what Dr. Google wants you to know) has opened my eyes to what is possible from a more natural aspect and what should be done by everyone of us to ensure that we are living the best life possible.

I teach people the simple steps to take to improve their health whether they are dealing with a chronic disease or not. My most popular program is the 30 day reset- which will help eliminate cravings, jump start your weight loss journey, improve mood and sleep, and overall help you feel more energetic. This is how everyone should feel.

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Angela Lawson

Angela was inspired to pursue lifestyle coaching through her own personal struggle with food and diet. Through her journey which lead to a loss of 67 pounds of weight over 6 years, Angela found herself struggling with the amount of conflicting information about nutrition and health which lead to fear and confusion.

Through her health focused journey, Angela not only lost 67 pounds but also gained confidence in her dietary decisions while reducing her high blood pressure and high cholesterol to normal levels. Overtime through her own research and education, she learned to eat intuitively and with confidence. She nourished herself with a whole, balanced diet and her relationship with food became healthy and positive.

Angela takes a wholistic approach with her clients, encouraging each one to move toward their own intuitive independence with food. Each step creates small shift that have a big impact on health, weight, energy and overall wellness.

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Cheryl Borchardt

Cheryl Borchardt

For many years, I was sick, overweight, tired and suffering from many health problems. I dealt with chronic migraines, stomach, digestive and chronic skin problems as well as anxiety and panic attacks. I saw many specialists and doctors over the course of several decades and each wanted to write me a prescription for a different medication. I knew I didn’t need a medication to feel better, what I needed was someone to help me find out what had contributed to my ill health and help me make a path to feeling better again!

In 2012, I learned about Functional Medicine. Functional Medicine seeks to find the underlying (root) cause of health conditions. Think of it like this, you have a rock in your shoe. Yes, you can take pain medicine to make the pain in your foot go away, but that doesn’t really fix the problem, does it? It only covers it up. For some reason, this is the way many health problems are treated. The Functional Medicine approach seeks to find the rock and remove it, which would be the proper way to remove the pain in your foot. Make sense?

I began to work first to see how foods were affecting my health. During this time, I learned about leaky gut and how it likely contributed to my current health problems. As a child, I suffered with many strep and urinary infections and likely had taken dozens of rounds of antibiotics. These antibiotics treated my infections but left me with an unhealthy balance of bad bacteria in my gut, which needed to be rebalanced. Once I began to find out what my triggers had been, I was able to work to correct those imbalances. My rashes disappeared, my gut issues improved, I lost weight and notice a distinct improvement in my overall health!

In 2016, I began working as a Health Coach with medical practices across the United States to coach their patients to a greater level of wellness. I am certified as a Functional Medicine Health Coach through the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, a partnership with the Institute for Functional Medicine .

During the past 3 1/2 years, I have worked closely with patients suffering with autoimmune conditions, Lyme disease, obesity, digestive and mood disorders and other chronic health conditions. I am honored to partner with you on your journey to greater health!

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