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Onnie Sanford

Several months after the birth of my second child, I hit a low point in my self esteem and I knew I needed help. I had lost motivation in the gym, and was convinced my nutrition wasn’t “that bad”. I voiced my desire for a trainer to my husband, who was totally supportive and my adventure began. My trainer introduced me to HIIT training, or high intensity interval training. From there I found CrossFit and fell in love, I also found myself pregnant with our third child. I continued CrossFit throughout the pregnancy and felt great. After the birth of our third girl, I became very consistent with exercise, but found myself plateauing once again. Luckily, my friend was a nutritionist and I started working with her. Since I felt my nutrition was “fine”, I didn’t think it would work. Not only did I shed 10 pounds in a blink of an eye, I felt so good the first month, I was hooked. Within 6 months, not only had I made a drastic transformation, I was inspiring people. My husband joined the journey with my and we soaked up as much knowledge as we could about nutrition. How to eat. What foods were best for our lifestyle and our body. I started realizing that there were foods that I was sensitive to, I also took dairy out of my diet and eventually gluten. I had always loved cooking, and with our newfound lifestyle, I was starting to replace our commercial snacks and condiments with ones that were homemade. From there I started cooking for friends and family, never thinking I would open a business.

I have always enjoyed helping people, I spent 5 years as a Firefighter in Florida, and became a nurse when we moved to Georgia. I worked as an Emergency Room nurse for 7 years and I loved every minute of it. The human body is amazing, what we are capable of is unimaginable. But I started to find joy in cooking for people and found energy in the food I was eating. I had never felt better, and here I was late 30’s with 3 kids. So, in March of 2016, I quit my consistent paycheck and opened Paleo Num Yums in a tiny kitchen that we renovated inside of a CrossFit gym. My vision included a concierge meal prep company that not only used the resources that helped me reach my goals, but added in the conveniences that my husband and I felt were missing when we went through the most difficult times of our health journey. Nutrition is confusing and frustrating to many people. We vowed to be that smiling face that guided people on their own health transformation. We are a family owned and operated meal prep company that specializes in customizable meal plans and family dinners, teaching people how to enjoy the foods they love in the lifestyle they desire.

Our Cause

Dear Friends and Family,

As many of you know, in 2016, I was honored to be nominated to run in the Augusta, Georgia Chapter of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Man & Woman of the Year Campaign. It was a life altering experience that afforded me the opportunity to sit with heroes and talk to courageous fighters. With the gracious support of many, my team raised over $30,000 to fund LLS’s mission of finding a cure for blood cancers! I was incredibly proud of my team’s efforts and made a lot of great friends in the process.

This year, I am proud to represent Augusta, Georgia in the 2020 All-Star Alumni National Man & Woman of the Year campaign. We are judged solely on a philanthropic basis with the winner being the individual who raises the most dollars. I will be competing with other alumni across the nation but our fundraising efforts will be a part of our grand total in Augusta. The ten week campaign began March 5 and will end May 15 at the Grand Finale Gala.

This year, I will be representing Hudson Abbott (Age 5) and Abby Morgan (Age 7). Both of these children are from the Augusta area have been in treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Leukemia is the number one cancer diagnosis among children and 80% of children develop a chronic health condition from their treatment. Though I am blessed with three healthy daughters. I can’t imagine the heartache and uncertainty of caring for a sick child. This is why more research is needed. I believe that the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society is doing the right thing with the dollars that are raised.

Though my family is at a very busy stage in life with full time jobs, homework and practices, and day to day life; we have committed are time and resources to raise $50,000 to fight cancer. Yes, you read that correctly $50,000 in ten weeks! Though this is a large amount, it’s achievable if we all come together. Please donate. Any amount matters, and your donation, regardless of amount is HUGE! My hope is that you thoughtfully consider supporting this mission and cause. Donations can be made through my secure fundraising link https://pages.lls.org/mwoy/ga/augusta20/osanford or mail checks made payable to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society back to me at ( 3740 Wexford Drive, Martinez, GA 30907). All donations must be received prior to May 15, 2020.

Thank you for your friendship and support,

Onnie Sanford
2020 All Star Alumni Candidate


The Full Package